Ric at Anapurna
Ric at Annapurna, Nepal

Ric Hauer

Professor of Limnology

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Dr. Hauer's FLBS Course

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Rocky Mountain Ecology - BIOE 407. (Taught each summer)

This course develops concepts and understanding of ecosystems within the con text of large landscapes, riverscapes and watersheds that recognize spatial and temporal boundaries. This introductory course will focus on three distinct ecosystems of the northern Rocky Mountains through the application of lectures and field study of the Crown of the Continent, the Rocky Mountain Front and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystems. Lectures are based on unifying concepts and principles of ecology including the interdisciplinary roles of physical, chemical and biological character that affect ecological behavior and interactions at large scales. Field study builds on the lecture material and specific application of methods to measure key components of systems at large spatial and temporal scales; including the natural world and human effects. This course is conducted in a blend of class lectures (20%) and outdoor experience (80%) with hands-on encounter with each of these ecosystems. All day, overnight and week-long trips will be conducted throughout the course, taking students into the full range of aquatic and mountain environments in each of the three example ecosystems. Students are expected to take detailed notes, conduct directed measurements, perform analysis and interpretation, and provide written and oral presentations.