Jared Grummer

Jared Grummer

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Jared Grummer

Jealous of my morels??
Phone: (707) 888-1176
Email: jared.grummer@flbs.umt.edu

I am now happily part of the UM Ecology & Evolution and FLBS teams after meandering across the continent in pursuit of higher knowledge; I began my undergraduate degree at Humboldt State University, got my B.S. from Cornell University, M.Sc. from San Diego State University, PhD from the University of Washington, and did some postdoctoral work at the University of British Columbia. My past research has covered topics in phylogeography, phylogenetics, systematics and taxonomy, but more recent research has focused on genotype-environment adaptation and genotype-phenotype associations. My current research with Gordon Luikart and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is focused on looking at the fitness effects of hybridization in westslope cutthroat trout (with non-native rainbow trout). You can find more about me, my research, and my photography at these websites:

Research page

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