People at FLBS

Name Position

Elser, Jim

Bierman Professor and Director

Ellis, Bonnie

Research Assistant Professor - Limnology

Hauer, F. Richard

Professor of Limnology

Lorang, Mark

Research Associate Professor - Physical Limnologist

Luikart, Gordon

Professor - Conservation Ecology & Genetics

Muhlfeld, Clint

Research Assistant Professor and USGS Aquatic Ecologist

Stanford, Jack

Professor of Ecology

Name Position

Amish, Steve

Montana Conservation Genetics Lab Research/Lab Manager

Anderson, Eric

Maintenance Supervisor

Bales, Teri

Accounting Assoc III

Bansak, Tom

Assistant Director

Baumann, Adam

Freshwater Research Lab Manager at FLBS

Craft, James

Research Scientist - Limnology

Devlin, Shawn

Postdoctoral Scientist

Hand, Brian

Postdoctoral Scholar

Heiser, Reggie

Maintenance Technician

Kleindl, William (Bill)

Postdoctoral Scholar

Kohler, Marie

Administrative Associate III

Matson, Phil

Research Specialist - Geomorphology / Remote Sensing

Nigon, Jeremy

IT Administrator

Richard, Tony


Tappenbeck, Samantha

Research Lab Asst.

Tappenbeck, Tyler

Research Scientist

Wade, Alisa

Research Scientist

Whited, Diane

Research Scientist - Landscape Ecology / Remote Sensing

Name Position

Deacy, Will

Graduate Student - Systems Ecology

DelVecchia, Amanda

Graduate Student - Systems Ecology

Garner, Brit

Graduate Student - Wildlife Biology

Gayeski, Nick

Graduate Student - Systems Ecology

Pannoni, Sam

Graduate Student - Wildlife Biology

Strait, Jeffrey (Jeff)

Graduate Student - Wildlife Biology

Name Organization

Armstrong, Jonathan

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Landscape Ecology
University of Wyoming, Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit

Chess, Dale

Water Quality Specialist, Limnology
Coeur d'Alene Tribe, Lake Management

Flint, Courtney

Associate Professor of Natural Resource Sociology
Utah State University, Dept. of Sociology, Social Work & Anthropology

Frissell, Christopher

Consulting Research Ecologist & Freshwater Conservation Biologist

Helton, Ashley

Assistant Professor, Biogeochemistry
University of Connecticut, Natural Resources & Environment

Kimball, John

Professor - Hydrology/Ecology
University of Montana, NTSG

Kirillin, Georgiy

Researcher, Physical Limnology
IGB, Abt 1, Okohydrologie,

Lippmann, Thomas

Associate Professor, Physical Limnology
University of New Hampshire, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping/Joint Hydrographic Center

McKee, W. Arthur (Art)

Affiliate Research Professor
University of Montana, Flathead Lake Biological Station

Poole, Geoffrey

Assistant Professor, Fluvial Landscape Ecology
Montana State University, Dept. of Land Resources & Environmental Sciences

Tonolla, Diego

Scientific Officer, Morphology and Residual Flows of Surface Waters Section
Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), Water Division


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