Shawn Devlin

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Assistant Research Professor - Aquatic Ecology

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Office Phone:  406-982-3301   x230

Education and Positions

  • UNIVERSITY OF JYVÄSKYLÄ, Jyväskylä, Finland, Department of Biological and Environmental Science - Postdoctoral Researcher 2011-2014
  • WRIGHT STATE UNIVERSITY, Dayton, OH - Environmental Science, Ph.D., March 2011
    Thesis Title: "Littoral zone structure, energy mobilization and benthic food webs in oligotrophic northern temperate lakes"
    Environmental Biology, B.Sc., 2003


Currently at FLBS I am working with a sophisticated computer model (ELCOM-CAEDYM) and the extensive dataset collected on Flathead Lake by researchers at FLBS over the past 35 years in order to tackle some important questions about the lake. E.g. how climate change may affect the lake's biogeochemistry and thermal dynamics. By collaborating with climatologists, we are able to use ELCOM to assess how future climate projections may alter the thermal profile and stratification regimes of Flathead Lake and what this may mean for biogeochemical processes and biota. Another important question we are exploring is how increased nutrient loading and changes in land use within the watershed may affect primary production and water clarity. We are also interested in using the food web components of the model to investigate how changes in the lake's fish community or the introduction of non-native species may reverberate throughout the food web. With invasive mussels and aquatic plants approaching, understanding the potential impacts of these threats in a realistic manner is paramount for the protection of Flathead Lake.

So far we have used the ongoing lake monitoring and the data collected with the buoy and the Flathead Lake LakeNet meteorological network to ensure that our model runs are accurate and in agreement with measured variables. I am currently compiling the vast chemical and biological data needed to begin our investigations into nutrient dynamics and trophic interactions.

Past Projects and Research Experience

Please visit for details regarding my research program, past experiences, and photos.



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