Crown of the Continent Work

Crown Managers Partnership

Map of The Crown of Continent Ecosystem (CCE)

The Crown of the Continent Ecosystem (CCE) is one of North America’s most iconic and intact landscapes. Nearly 18 million acres in size, it stretches across the international border of the United States (US) and Canada. The Crown Managers Partnership (CMP) is a partnership amongst federal, state, provincial, Tribal, and First Nation agency managers and universities in Montana, Alberta, and British Columbia in the CCE that recognize that no single agency has the mandate or resources to wholly address common ecological challenges throughout this region. We therefore work together across borders to tackle shared ecological challenges and concerns.


Some of the work the CMP is involved in include: 

  1. Fostering transboundary collaboration to protect and restore whitebark and limber pine ecosystems
  2. Developing a transboundary conservation plan to ensure a resilient and connected landscape that supports healthy ecosystems and human communities
  3. Coordinating collaborative management of terrestrial invasive species
  4. Developing risk assessments and spreading awareness for aquatic invasive species throughout The Crown
  5. Increasing resiliency and restoring habitat for native salmonid populations throughout The Crown
  6. Developing a spatial occupancy model for grizzly bears throughout the Crown

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