Water Quality Monitoring

Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) has served as the “Sentinel of the Lake” since 1899. This long history of research and monitoring has generated significant scientific discovery and insight and has contributed to one of the best long-term water quality records in the world.

FLBS water quality monitoring helps generate science-based decisions that protect the health of the Flathead Lake-River ecosystem and the wellness of all of those who live and play on Flathead waters.


The Flathead Monitoring Program (FMP) has been monitoring the large lakes in the Flathead Basin for many years. Monitoring is critical to ensuring the protection of the Flathead Lake-River system. 

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The Monitoring Montana Waters (MMW) program provides scientific expertise and guidance to citizen-led watershed monitoring groups.

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In Fall 2023, the Flathead Lake Biological Station was awarded $6.6 million grant from the E.P.A. to implement and lead a collaborative Pesticide Stewardship Partnership Program (PSPP) for the Upper Columbia River Basin of Montana.

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