About FLBS

The Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) is a Center of Excellence and administrative unit within the University of Montana system. We are an ecological research and education center located on Flathead Lake in the Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park. For over 100 years, we have conducted college courses, graduate programs, and research focused on the Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

Students and researchers from around the world continue to come to FLBS to learn about ecology and limnology from experts in the field. We conduct year-round novel research to help people live in a healthy, sustainable environment and help policy-makers make informed decisions.

Our activities help Flathead Lake remain the jewel of Northwest Montana now and for future generations.

Our Mission

The FLBS Mission is to serve the Flathead Lake region, the state of Montana, the nation, and the world by advancing a cutting-edge research, monitoring, education & outreach platform for limnology, ecology, and environmental science at Flathead Lake.

We advance this mission in three ways:

Sample vial held up by a student representing FLBS research
Advanced research in the ecology of lakes and rivers
Researchers pull in a water sample aboard the Jessie B boat representing FLBS monitoring of the Flathead watershed
Sustained environmental monitoring of Flathead Lake and its watershed
Open House visitors examine a sample container representing one of the ways FLBS provides education at all levels
Education at all levels, emphasizing higher-ed level training, and outreach from school children to interested citizens