Training Opportunities


In 2023, FLBS Monitoring Montana Waters, Montana Department of Environmental Quality, and Montana State University Extension provided a training event at the Flathead Lake Biological Station. The Volunteer Water Monitoring Training event will not be held in 2024, but MMW will travel to funded group's watersheds to provide training.  

Training topics for the 2023 Volunteer Water Monitoring Training event focused on field monitoring methods and peer learning to implement effective volunteer water monitoring programs. The training was intended for watershed coordinators, conservation districts, and others who develop, implement, and manage water monitoring programs throughout Montana. The two focused workshops that were offered included: Starting a Volunteer Monitoring Project and Creating Rating Curves for Discharge. 

The 2023 training schedule is available here

If you are in need of on the ground training for the 2024 sampling season, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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For questions about on the ground training please contact Rachel Malison ( or Brianna Elizondo (