K-12 Education

K-12 Education

The Flathead Lake Aquatic Research and Education program (FLARE) engages K-12 students and teachers in advancing their understanding of lakes and streams. Through hands-on investigations in their own backyard and engagement with world-leading aquatic scientists at FLBS, we hope to spark an interest in science among the region’s young people that may lead them to explore careers in science and conservation.


Students take water samples from the FLBS dock  Students draw what they've learned about watersheds  Students entwine themselves in a foodweb (made of string)

Field Trips and School Programs

More Information on Field Trip Opportunities

Bring world-class aquatic ecology to K-12 students by participating in one of our fieldtrip programs at the Flathead Lake Biological Station or have one of our educators bring programs to your classroom.

 Student views water sample in a microscopeInstructor discusses aquatic sampling with students by a stream alt=

Teaching Material

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K-12 curricula, activity guides, and other resources to support hands-on, inquiry-based investigations of the aquatic ecosystems and organisms around us.  Subjects include Flathead Lake ecology, river ecology, the local water cycle, conservation genetics, big data, and more.  Created by our education team in conjunction with FLBS scientists.

 Students collecting water samples by boatAn Instructor shows a student parts of a daphnia from an enlarged microscope view

Professional Development

We provide opportunities for teachers to learn more about current science and techniques for engaging students in scientific inquiry during the summer and school year. 

October 2024 Workshop Information


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