Introducing Najifa Farhat

Introducing Najifa Farhat

UM Environmental Journalism Graduate Student Najifa Farhat Joins FLBS as 2023 Ted Smith Environmental Storytelling Intern

Please join us in welcoming Najifa Farhat as the 2023 Ted Smith Environmental Storytelling Intern at FLBS!

Originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Najifa has been an environmental journalist for over three years, and is currently pursuing a master's in the Environment and Natural Resource Journalism Program at the University of Montana.

Despite having no formal education in environment or science, she was deeply motivated to pursue environmental journalism due to her homeland’s vulnerability due to the impact of climate change. She is guilty of enjoying her science classes a little more than the journalism classes because it intrigues her curiosity and sharpens her efforts of simple storytelling on complex matters. Growing up near a prominent river in Bangladesh, she developed a deep appreciation for the intricate relationships between water resources, humanity, and the natural world.

Motivated by her passion and expertise, Najifa sought the internship at FLBS to further improve her skills in environmental journalism. With her anticipated graduation in the spring of 2024, she envisions a future where she can bring to light the stories of individuals worldwide who are grappling with the far-reaching consequences of climate change, with a particular emphasis on South Asia.

Be sure to be on the lookout for Najifa's outstanding storytelling in the weeks ahead!