MMW - Important Dates

Important Dates

It is necessary to plan ahead because designing a successful monitoring program requires many steps to be completed. Most ideally, groups should start planning and organizing the fall before they want to start a monitoring program. Because sampling generally occurs between April-October, funding applications are due by March and funds will be awarded by April 1st each year. Prior to receiving funding, groups need to have approved SAPs and SOPs on file. Working with MMW personnel the previous fall gives ample time for editing and approval to occur.


Important Dates 

Feb 1st - SAP drafts due in order for groups to have an approved SAP on file by the funding application deadline. 

Feb 28th- Data from the previous year must be uploaded to the MT-DEQ database by Feb 28th. A short final report must be submitted to MMW by Feb 28th as well. 

Mar 1st – Funding applications are due for the MMW Laboratory Analyses Funding and MMW Gear Funding. Priority will be given to groups that have a completed SAP on file at the time of submission.

Apr 1st – Groups will be notified of their funding application status.

Apr-Oct – On the ground trainings will be held in the field to train groups in methodologies (as needed). 

Apr-Oct – Sampling is generally completed during this time frame.

Nov-Dec - Groups planning to conduct monitoring the following year should work with MMW to write/review SAP drafts during this time. Working to draft SAPs during this time provides MMW staff time to provide feedback or any needed assistance and also allows groups to make any necessary changes.