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Updated on Feb 24, 2015

Carbon supply and bioavailability within the hyporheic zone of an alluvial river floodplainHelton, A. M., Wright, M. S., Bernhardt, E. S., Poole, G. C., Cory, R. M., Stanford, J. A., in revisionJGR Biosciences 
Genetic diversity is related to climatic variation and vulnerability in threatened bull troutKovach, Ryan P., Muhlfeld, Clint C., Wade, Alisa A., Hand, Brian K., Whited, Diane C., DeHaan, Patrick W., Al-Chokhachy, Robert, Luikart, Gordon, 2015Global Change BiologyIn press
Dispersal and selection mediate hybridization between a native and invasive speciesKovach, Ryan P., Muhlfeld, Clint C., Boyer, Matthew C., Lowe, Winsor H., Allendorf, Fred W., Luikart, Gordon, 2015Proceedings of the Royal Society B282: 20142454
Landscape community genomics: understanding eco-evolutionary processes in complex environmentsHand, Brian K., Lowe, Winsor H., Kovach, Ryan P., Muhlfeld, Clint C., Luikart, Gordon, 2015Trends in Ecology & EvolutionIn press
Genomics of introgression in hybridized populations: discovery and mapping thousands of species-diagnostic SNPs by RAD next generation sequencingHand, B.K., Hether, T.D., Hohenlohe, P.A., Kovach, R.P., Muhlfeld, C.C., Amish, S.J., Boyer, M., Miller, M.R., Lowe, W.H., Allendorf, F.W., Luikart, G. , 2015Current Zoology61: 146–154
Climate-induced range contraction of a rare alpine aquatic invertebrateGiersch, J. Joseph, Jordan, Steve, Luikart, Gordon, Jones, Leslie A., Hauer, F. Richard, Muhlfeld, Clint C., 2015Freshwater Science34: 000–000
Relative influences of the river channel, floodplain surface, and alluvial aquifer on simulated hydrologic residence time in a montane river floodplainHelton, A. M., G. C. Poole, R. A. Payn, C. Izurieta, J. A. Stanford, 2014 Geomorphology205: 17–26
Spring hydrology determines summer net carbon uptake in northern ecosystemsYonghong Yi, John S Kimball, Rolf H Reichle, 2014Environmental Research Letters9: 064003
Effects of overlapping generations on linkage disequilibrium estimates of effective population sizeWaples, Robin S., Antao, Tiago, Luikart, Gordon, 2014Genetics197: 769–780
Landscape influences on ecosystem function: Local and routing control of oxygen dynamics in a floodplain aquiferValett, H. Maurice, Hauer, F. Richard, Stanford, Jack A., 2014Ecosystems17: 195–211
Comment: Population Structure and Run Timing of Sockeye Salmon in the Skeena River, British ColumbiaPrice, Michael H. H., Rosenberger, Andrew G. J., Taylor, Greg G., Stanford, Jack A., 2014North American Journal of Fisheries Management34: 1167–1170
Dissolved oxygen and dissolved inorganic carbon stable isotope composition and concentration fluxes across several shallow floodplain aquifers and in a diffusion experimentParker, Stephen R., Darvis, Marissa N., Poulson, Simon R., Gammons, Christopher H., Stanford, Jack A., 2014Biogeochemistry117: 539–552
Sound of Rivers: Stone Drum: a multimedia collaboration, with sonified data, computer-processed narration, and electric violinNichols, Charles, Mark Lorang, Mark Gibbons, Nicole Bradley Browning, Amber Bushnell, 2014Open-Access Article distributed under Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0 Unported1–5
Sound of Rivers: Stone Drum, Translating limnology into multimediaNichols, Charles, Lorang, Mark, 2014  
Invasive hybridization in a threatened species is accelerated by climate changeMuhlfeld, Clint C., Kovach, Ryan P., Jones, Leslie A., Al-Chokhachy, Robert, Boyer, Matthew C., Leary, Robb F., Lowe, Winsor H., Luikart, Gordon, Allendorf, Fred W., 2014Nature Climate Change4: 620–624
Invasive hybridization in a threatened species is accelerated by climate changeMuhlfeld, Clint C., Kovach, Ryan P., Jones, Leslie A., Al-Chokhachy, Robert, Boyer, Matthew C., Leary, Robb F., Lowe, Winsor H., Luikart, Gordon, Allendorf, Fred W., 2014Nature Climate Change4: 620–624
Spawning tactics of summer chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta in relation to channel complexity and hyporheic exchangeMouw, Jason E. B. , Tyler H. Tappenbeck, Jack A. Stanford, 2014Environmental Biology of Fishes97: 1095–1107
The effects of riverine physical complexity on anadromy and genetic diversity in steelhead or rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss around the Pacific RimMcPhee, M. V., Whited, D. C., Kuzishchin, K. V., Stanford, J. A., 2014Journal of Fish Biology85: 132–150
Beavers (Castor canadensis) influence habitat for juvenile salmon in a large Alaskan river floodplainMalison, Rachel L., Lorang, Mark S., Whited, Diane C., Stanford, Jack A., 2014Freshwater Biology59: 1229–1246
Combining active and passive hydroacoustic techniques during flood events for rapid spatial mapping of bedload transport patterns in gravel-bed riversLorang, Mark S., Tonolla, Diego, 2014Fundamental and Applied Limnology184: 231246
Surface seiches in Flathead LakeKirillin, G., Lorang, M. S., Lippmann, T. C., Gotschalk, C. C., Schimmelpfennig, S., 2014Hydrology and Earth System Sciences11: 13541–13570
Attribution of divergent northern vegetation growth responses to lengthening non-frozen seasons using satellite optical-NIR and microwave remote sensingKim, Youngwook, Kimball, J. S., Zhang, K., Didan, K., Velicogna, I., McDonald, K. C., 2014International Journal of Remote Sensing35: 3700–3721
Response of vegetation growth and productivity to spring climate indicators in the conterminous United States derived from satellite remote sensing data fusionKim, Youngwook, Kimball, J. S., Didan, K., Henebry, G. M., 2014Agricultural and Forest Meteorology194: 132–143
Effects of spatial and temporal climatic variability on terrestrial carbon and water fluxes in the Pacific Northwest, USAKang, Sinkyu, Running, Steven W., Kimball, John S., Fagre, Daniel B., Michaelis, Andrew, Peterson, David L., Halofsky, Jessica E., Hong, Sukyoung, 2014Environmental Modelling & Software51: 228-239
Assessing multi-taxa sensitivity to the human footprint, habitat fragmentation and loss by exploring alternative scenarios of dispersal ability and population size: a simulation approachHand, BrianK, Cushman, SamA, Landguth, ErinL, Lucotch, John, 2014Biodiversity and Conservation23: 2761–2779
Performance of salmon fishery portfolios across western North AmericaGriffiths, Jennifer R., Schindler, Daniel E., Armstrong, Jonathan B., Scheuerell, Mark D., Whited, Diane C., Clark, Robert A., Hilborn, Ray, Holt, Carrie A., Lindley, Steven T., Stanford, Jack A., Volk, Eric C., 2014Journal of Applied Ecology51 : 1554–1563
Floodplain biogeochemical mosaics: A multidimensional view of alluvial soilsAppling, Alison P., Bernhardt, Emily S., Stanford, Jack A., 2014Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences119: 2013JG002543
Trade-offs and utility of alternative RADseq methods: Reply to Puritz et alAndrews, Kimberly R., Hohenlohe, Paul A., Miller, Michael R., Hand, Brian K., Seeb, James E., Luikart, Gordon, 2014Molecular Ecology23: 5943–5946
Estimating thermal regimes of bull trout and assessing the potential effect of climate warming on critical habitatsJones, L. A., Muhlfeld, C. C., Marshall, L. A., McGlynn, B. L., Kershner, J. L., 2013 River Research and Applications30: 204–216
Recent climate and fire disturbance impacts on boreal and arctic ecosystem productivity estimated using a satellite-based terrestrial carbon flux modelYi, Y., J. S. Kimball, L. A. Jones, R. H. Reichle, R. Nemani, H. A. Margolis, 2013Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences118: 1–17
Estimation of juvenile salmon habitat in Pacific Rim rivers using multiscalar remote sensing and geospatial analysisWhited, D. C., J. S. Kimball, M. S. Lorang, J. A. Stanford, 2013River Research and Applications29: 135–148
A satellite data driven biophysical modeling approach for estimating northern peatland and tundra CO2 and CH4 fluxesWatts, J.D., J.S. Kimball, F.-J. W. Parmentier, T. Sachs, J. Rinne, D. Zona, W. Oechel, T. Tagesson, M. Jackowicz-Korczyński, M. Aurela, 2013Biogeosciences Discuss.10: 16491–16549
Simple life-history traits explain key effective population size ratios across diverse taxaWaples, R.A., G. Luikart, D.A. Tallmon, J. Faulkner , 2013Proceedings of Royal Society B280 : 20131339
Steelhead vulnerability to climate change in the Pacific NorthwestWade, A. A., Beechie, T. J., Fleishman, E., Mantua, N. J., Wu, H., Kimball, J. S., Stoms, D. M., Stanford, J. A., 2013Journal of Applied Ecology50: 1093–1104
Thermal tolerance of meltwater stonefly Lednia tumana nymphs from an alpine stream in Waterton–Glacier International Peace Park, Montana, USATreanor, Hilary B., J. Joseph Giersch, Kevin M. Kappenman, Clint C. Muhlfeld, Molly A. H. Webb, 2013Freshwater Science32: 597–605
Sensitivity of inferred climate model skill to evaluation decisions: a case study using CMIP5 evapotranspirationSchwalm, Christopher R., Deborah N. Huntinzger, Anna M. Michalak, Joshua B. Fisher, John S. Kimball, Brigitte Mueller, Ke Zhang, Yongqiang Zhang, 2013Environmental Research Letters8: 024028
Abundance of Skeena River chum salmon during the early rise in commercial fishingPrice, M.H.H., Gayeski, N., Stanford, J. A., 2013Transactions of the American Fisheries Society142: 989–1004
Studies on distribution and diversity of nearshore Ephemeroptera and Plecoptera in selected lakes of Glacier National Park, MontanaNewell, Robert L., Richard W. Baumann, 2013Western North American Naturalist73: 230–236
Recruitment and successional dynamics diversify the shifting habitat mosaic of an Alaskan floodplainMouw, J. E. B., Jake L. Chaffin, Diane C. Whited, F. Richard Hauer, Phillip L. Matson, Jack A. Stanford , 2013River Research and Applications29: 671–685
Assessing flow releases from a dam to maximize renaturalization of a regulated gravel-bed river using airborne remote sensing imageryLorang, M.S., F.R. Hauer, D.C. Whited, P.L. Matson, 2013Reviews in Engineering Geology21: 117–132
Using airborne remote-sensing imagery to assess flow releases from a dam in order to maximize renaturalization of a regulated gravel-bed riverMark S. Lorang, F. R. Hauer, D. C. Whited, P. L. Matson, 2013 XXI: 117–132
Tales of the freeze-thaw cycleJohn S. Kimball, 2013International InnovationJune: 24–26
Vegetation Phenology. Chapter 188Kimball, J., 2013  
Comparing land surface phenology derived from satellite and GPS network microwave remote sensingJones, Matthew O., Kimball, John S., Small, Eric E., Larson, Kristine M., 2013International Journal of Biometeorology1-11
Satellite microwave detection of boreal forest recovery from the extreme 2004 wildfires in Alaska and CanadaJones, Matthew O., Kimball, John S., Jones, Lucas A., 2013Global Change Biology19: 3111–3122
Monitoring daily evapotranspiration in Northeast Asia using MODIS and a regional land data assimilation systemJang, Keunchang, Kang, Sinkyu, Lim, Yoon-Jin, Jeong, Seungtaek, Kim, Joon, Kimball, John S., Hong, Suk Young, 2013Journal of Geophysical Research: AtmospheresOnline in advance of print
Genomic patterns of introgression in rainbow and westslope cutthroat trout illuminated by overlapping paired-end RAD sequencingP. A. Hohenlohe, M. D. Day, S. J. Amish, M. R. Miller, N. Kamps-Hughes, M. C. Boyer, C. C. Muhlfeld, F. W. Allendorf, E. A. Johnson, G. Luikart, 2013Molecular Ecology22: 3002–3013
Sex-biased gene flow among elk in the Greater Yellowstone EcosystemHand, Brian K., Chen, Shanyuan, Anderson, Neil, Beja-Pereira, Albano, Cross, Paul C., Ebinger, Michael, Edwards, Hank, Garrott, Robert A., Kardos, Marty D., Kauffman, Matt, Landguth, Erin L., Middleton, Arthur, Scurlock, Brandon, White, P. J., Zager, Pete, Schwartz, Michael K., Luikart, Gordon, 2013Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management5: 124–132
Spatial variability in spawning habitat selection by chinook salmon (Oncorhychus tshawytscha) in wilderness riverHamann, Ellen J., Brian P. Kennedy, Diane Whited, Jack Stanford, 2013River Research and Applications30 : 1099–1109
Factors influencing the distribution of native bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout in streams of western Glacier National Park, MontanaD'Angelo, Vincent S., Muhlfeld, Clint C., 2013Northwest Science87: 1–11
Restoring salmon habitat for a changing climateBeechie, T., Imaki, H., Greene, J., Wade, A., Wu, H., Pess, G., Roni, P., Kimball, J., Stanford, J., Kiffney, P., Mantua, N., 2013River Research and Applications 29: 939–960
Conservation and the Genetics of PopulationsAllendorf, F. W., G. Luikart, Sally N. Aitken , 2013  
A new global river network database for macroscale hydrologic modelingWu, Huan, J. S. Kimball, H. Li, M. Huang, L. R. Leung, R. F. Adler, 2012Water Resources Research48: W09701
Projected climate change impacts on the hydrology and temperature of Pacific Northwest riversWu, Huan, John S. Kimball, Marketa M. Elsner, Nathan Mantua, Robert F. Adler, Jack A. Stanford, 2012Water Resources Research48: W11530
A Riverscape Analysis Tool developed to assist wild salmon conservation across the North Pacific RimWhited, Diane C., John S. Kimball, John A. Lucotch, Niels K. Maumenee, Huan Wu, Samantha D. Chilcote, Jack A. Stanford, 2012Fisheries37: 305–314
Satellite Microwave remote sensing of contrasting surface water inundation changes within the Arctic–Boreal RegionWatts, Jennifer D., Kimball, John S., Jones, Lucas A., Schroeder, Ronny, McDonald, Kyle C., 2012Remote Sensing of Environment127: 223–236
Increasing subsurface water storage in discontinuous permafrost areas of the Lena River basin, Eurasia, detected from GRACEVelicogna, I., Tong, J., Zhang, T., Kimball, J. S., 2012Geophysical Research Letters39: L09403
Aquatic invasive species: Lessons from cancer researchSepulveda, Adam, Andrew Ray, Robert Al-Chokhachy, Clint Muhlfeld, Robert Gresswell, Jackson Gross, Jeff Kershner, 2012American Scientist100: 234–242
Yersinia enterocolitica: An unlikely cause of positive brucellosis tests in greater Yellowstone ecosystem bison (Bison bison)See, Wade, Edwards, William H., Dauwalter, Stacey, Almendra, Claudia, Kardos, Martin D., Lowell, Jennifer L., Wallen, Rick, Cain, Steven L., Holben, William E., Luikart, Gordon, 2012Journal of Wildlife Diseases48: 537–541
ISRS 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Professor Jack StanfordPetts, G. E., 2012River Research and Applications27:
Conserving genomic variability in large mammals: Effect of population fluctuations and variance in male reproductive success on variability in Yellowstone bisonPérez-Figueroa, Andrés, Wallen, Rick L., Antao, Tiago, Coombs, Jason A., Schwartz, Michael K., White, P. J., Luikart, Gordon, 2012Biological Conservation150: 159–166
Estimating westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi) movements in a river network using strontium isoscapesMuhlfeld, Clint C. , Simon R. Thorrold, Thomas E. McMahon, Brian Marotz, 2012Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences69: 906–915
Assessing the impacts of river regulation on native bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) and westslope cutthroat trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi) habitats in the upper Flathead River, Montana, USAMuhlfeld, Clint C., Leslie Jones, Daniel Kotter, William J. Miller, Doran Geise, Joel Tohtz, Brian Marotz , 2012River Research and Applications28: 940–959
Seasonal movements of non-native lake trout in a connected lake and river systemMuhlfeld, C. C., Giersch, J. J., Marotz, B., 2012Fisheries Management and Ecology19: 224–232
A fine-scale assessment of using barriers to conserve native stream salmonids: a case study in Akokala Creek, Glacier National Park, USAMuhlfeld, Clint C., Vincent D'Angelo, Steven T. Kalinowski, Erin L. Landguth, Christopher C. Downs, Joel Tohtz, Jeffrey L. Kershner, 2012The Open Fish Science Journal5: 9–20
A remotely sensed Global Terrestrial Drought Severity IndexMu, Q., M. Zhao, J. S. Kimball, N. G. McDowell, S. W. Running, 2012Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society94: 83–98
An assessment of the carbon balance of Arctic tundra: comparisons among observations, process models, and atmospheric inversionsMcGuire, A. D., Christensen, T. R., Hayes, D., Heroult, A., Euskirchen, E., Kimball, J. S., Koven, C., Lafleur, P., Miller, P. A., Oechel, W., Peylin, P., Williams, M., Yi, Y., 2012Biogeosciences9: 3185–3204
CDFISH: an individual-based, spatially-explicit, landscape genetics simulator for aquatic species in complex riverscapesLandguth, E. L. , C. C. Muhlfeld, G. Luikart, 2012Conservation Genetics Resources4: 133–136
Satellite detection of increasing Northern Hemisphere non-frozen seasons from 1979 to 2008: Implications for regional vegetation growthKim, Youngwook, J. S. Kimball, K. Zhang, K. C. McDonald, 2012Remote Sensing of Environment121: 472–487
Satellite passive microwave detection of North America start of seasonJones, Matthew O., J. S. Kimball, L. A. Jones, K. C. McDonald, 2012Remote Sensing of Environment123: 324–333
The past as prelude to the future for understanding 21st century climate effects on Rocky Mountain troutIsaak, Daniel J., Clint C. Muhlfeld, Andrew S. Todd, Robert Al-Chohachy, James Roberts, Jeffrey L. Kershner, Kurt D. Fausch, Steven W. Hostetler, 2012Fisheries37: 542–556
Scaling flow path processes to fluvial landscapes: An integrated field and model assessment of temperature and dissolved oxygen dynamics in a river-floodplain-aquifer systemHelton, Ashley M., Geoffrey C. Poole, Robert A. Payn, Clemente Izurieta, Jack A. Stanford, 2012Journal of Geophysical Research117: G00N114
Development and evaluation of a selective medium for Brucella suisFerreira, Ana Cristina, Almendra, Cláudia, Cardoso, Regina, Pereira, Marta Silva, Beja-Pereira, Albano, Luikart, Gordon, Corrêa de Sá, Maria Inácia, 2012Research in Veterinary Science93: 565–567
Application of QuikSCAT backscatter to SMAP validation planning: Freeze/thaw state over ALECTRA sites in Alaska from 2000 to 2007Colliander, A., McDonald, K., Zimmermann, R., Schroeder, R., Kimball, J. S., Njoku, E. G., 2012Geoscience and Remote Sensing, IEEE Transactions on50: 461–468
Satellite microwave remote sensing for mosquito population dynamicsChuang, T-W., G.M. Henebry, J.S. Kimball, D.L. VanRoekel-Patton, M.B. Hildreth, M.C. Wimberly, 2012Remote Sensing of Environment125: 147–156
Development and evaluation of 200 novel SNP assays for population genetic studies of westslope cutthroat trout and genetic identification of related taxaCampbell, NR, Amish, SJ, Pritchard, VL, McKelvey, KS, Young, MK, Schwartz, MK, Garza, JC, Luikart, G, Narum, SR, 2012Molecular Ecology Resources12: 942–949
Watershed Assessments and Identification of Restoration NeedsBeechie, Tim, Pess, George, Morley, Sarah, Butler, Lucy, Downs, Peter, Maltby, Alistair, Skidmore, Peter, Clayton, Steve, Muhlfeld, Clint, Hanson, Karrie, 2012 50–113
RAD sequencing yields a high success rate for westslope cutthroat and rainbow trout species-diagnostic SNP assaysAmish, Stephen J., Hohenlohe, Paul A., Painter, Sally, Leary, Robb F., Muhlfeld, Clint, Allendorf, Fred W., Luikart, Gordon, 2012Molecular Ecology Resources12: 653–660
Changing freeze-thaw seasons in northern high latitudes and associated influences on evapotranspirationZhang, Ke, John S. Kimball, Youngwook Kim, Kyle C. McDonald, 2011Hydrological Processes25: 4142–4151
Evaluation of MERRA land surface estimates in preparation for the Soil Moisture Active Passive MissionYonghong Yi, John S. Kimball, Lucas A. Jones, Rolf H. Reichle, Kyle C. McDonald, 2011Journal of Climate24: 3797–3816
Automated upscaling of river networks for macroscale hydrological modelingWu, Huan, John S. Kimball, Nate Mantua, Jack Stanford, 2011Water Resources Research47: W03517
Characterization of spatial heterogeneity in underwater soundscapes at the river segment scale Tonolla, Diego, Lorang, Mark S., Heutschi, Kurt, Gotschalk, Chris C., Tockner, Klement, 2011Limnology and Oceanography56: 2319–2333
The assembly of ecological communities inferred from taxonomic and functional compositionSokol, Eric R., Benfield, E. F., Belden, Lisa K., Valett, H. Maurice, 2011The American Naturalist177: 630–644
Tracing dissolved O2 and dissolved inorganic carbon stable isotope dynamics in the Nyack aquifer: Middle Fork Flathead River, Montana, USASmith, M. Garrett, Parker, Stephen R., Gammons, Christopher H., Poulson, Simon R., Hauer, F. Richard, 2011Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta75: 5971–5986
The distribution and abundance of a nuisance native alga, Didmosphenia geminata, in streams of Glacier National Park: climate drivers and management implicationsSchweiger, E. William, Isabel W. Ashton, Clint C. Muhlfeld, Leslie A. Jones, Loren L. Bahls, 2011Park Science28: 88–91
Partial migration in a robust brown trout population of a Patagonian riverO'Neal, S. L., J. A. Stanford, 2011Transactions of the American Fisheries Society140: 623–635
Climate change links fate of glaciers and an endemic alpine invertebrateMuhlfeld, Clint, Giersch, J., Hauer, F., Pederson, Gregory, Luikart, Gordon, Peterson, Douglas, Downs, Christopher, Fagre, Daniel, 2011Climatic Change Letters106: 337–345
Floodplain succession and soil nitrogen accumulation on a salmon river in southwestern KamchatkaMorris, Michael R., Jack A. Stanford, 2011Ecological Monographs81: 43–61
A wave-competence aproach to distinguish between boulder and megaclast deposits due to storm waves versus tsunamisMark S. Lorang, 2011Marine Geology283: 90–97
Developing a global data record of daily landscape freeze/thaw status using satellite passive microwave remote sensingKim, Youngwook, Kimball, J.S., McDonald, K.C., Glassy, J., 2011IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing49: 949–960
Satellite passive microwave remote sensing for monitoring global land surface phenologyJones, Matthew O., Lucas A. Jones, John S. Kimball, Kyle C. McDonald, 2011Remote Sensing of Environment115: 1102–1114
A cyber-infrastructure for a virtual observatory and ecological informatics systems - VOEISClemente Izurieta, Sean Cleveland, Ivan Judson, Pol Llovet, Geoffrey Poole, Brian McGlynn, Lucy Marshall, Wyatt Cross, Gwen Jacobs, Barbara Kucera, David White, F. Richard Hauer, Jack Stanford, 2011 76–81
Next-generation RAD sequencing identifies thousands of SNPs for assessing hybridization between rainbow and westslope cutthroat troutHohenlohe, Paul A., Amish, Stephen J., Catchen, Julian M., Allendorf, Fred W., Luikart, Gordon, 2011Molecular Ecology Resources11: 117–122
Thinking outside the channel: modeling nitrogen cycling in networked river ecosystemsHelton, Ashley M, Geoffrey C Poole, Judy L Meyer, Wilfred M Wollheim, Bruce J Peterson, Patrick J Mulholland, Emily S Bernhardt, Jack A Stanford, Clay Arango, Linda R Ashkenas, Lee W Cooper, Walter K Dodds, Stanley V Gregory, Robert O Hall Jr, Stephen K Hamilton, Sherri L Johnson, William H McDowell, Jody D Potter, Jennifer L Tank, Suzanne M Thomas, H Maurice Valett, Jackson R Webster, Lydia Zeglin, 2011Frontiers in Ecology and Environment9: 229–238
Scoping completed for an experiment to assess vulnerability of Arctic and Boreal ecosystemsScott Goetz, John Kimball, Michelle Mack, Eric Kasischke, 2011EOS92: 150–151
Long-term effects of a trophic cascade in a large lake ecosystemBonnie K. Ellis, Jack A. Stanford, Daniel Goodman, Craig P. Stafford, Daniel L. Gustafson, David A. Beauchamp, Dale W. Chess, Jim A. Craft, Mark A. Deleray, Barry S. Hansen, 2011Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA108: 1070–1075
Genetic variation in westslope cutthroat trout Oncorhynchus clarkii lewisi: implications for conservationDrinan, Daniel, Kalinowski, Steven, Vu, Ninh, Shepard, Bradley, Muhlfeld, Clint, Campbell, Matthew, 2011Conservation Genetics12: 1513–1523
Exome-wide DNA capture and next generation sequencing in domestic and wild speciesCosart, Ted, Albano Beja-Pereira, Shanyuan Chen, Sarah B Ng, Jay Shendure, Gordon Luikart, 2011BMC Genomics12: 1–8
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Strong effect of coarse surface layer on moisture within gravel bars: Results from an outdoor experimentMeier, Claudio I., F. Richard Hauer, 2010Water Resources Research46: 1–10
Remote sensing analysis of physical complexity of North Pacific Rim rivers to assist wild salmon conservationLuck, M., N. Maumenee, D. Whited, J. Lucotch, S. Chilcote, M. Lorang, D. Goodman, K. McDonald, J. Kimball, J. Stanford, 2010Earth Surface Processes and Landforms35: 1330–1343
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