More FLBS Projects: Present & Past

Coalbed Methane (CBM) in Montana: Problems and Solutions


J. A. Stanford and F. R. Hauer

Northern Carbon Cycle


HYDROS Mission


Understanding Patterns of and Controls on CO2 Exchange over Complex Landscapes

Determining the relative magnitudes, controls, and spatial and temporal variation in trace gas fluxes (H20 and CO2) over spatially heterogeneous agricultural land cover regions of midwest regions of the continental USA


Grizzly bear digging in subalpine meadows: influences on plant distributions and nitrogen availability

This study investigates the possibility that grizzly bears may be a major force in determining plant distribution and abundance in subalpine meadows of the Northern Rocky Mountains.

J.A. Stanford, S.E. Tardiff and A.R. Young

Effects of Global Climate Change on Hydrologic Systems and Associated Biota 

F. R. Hauer and J. A. Stanford

Hydrogeomorphology (HGM) of Wetland Function and the Development of a Rocky Mountain Region Database

F. R. Hauer and B. J. Cook 

Cold Land Processes Research: Satellite microwave remote sensing of high latitude freeze/thaw cycles and growing seasons for improved boreal ecosystem monitoring

J. S. Kimball, Kyle McDonald and Steve Running

Remote sensing of flow and salmonid habitat relations for assessing value and restoration potential for regulated rivers

J. A. Stanford, J. S. Kimball and D. Whited

Determinants of Biodiversity, Social and Economic Patterns in Montane Ecosystems 

J. A. Stanford and A. D. Barnosky