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FLBS has a long history of working closely with the local and statewide communities through student and community education, long-term environmental monitoring and data archival, and contributing to the local economy and community. In addition to providing services to regional and national organizations, we help to empower local citizens by disseminating knowledge of regional water quality and important environmental issues.

The FLBS is a valuable resource to everyone in northwest Montana, and we would love the opportunity to share what we do with you!

FLBS Outreach

Student & Community Education

Science in a file cabinet does little to benefit society. FLBS scientists work diligently to engage and educate the community by translating our science to the general public, school groups, politicians, government officials, natural resource managers and surrounding business leaders. Conveying scientific knowledge amassed by FLBS researchers results in better ecological understanding and conservation successes within the Flathead, Montana, and around the world.

Jack gives a presentation to local reporters aboard the Jessie B
Environmental stewardship based on sound science is the business of FLBS. Our research contributes to a greater understanding of how natural and human sources of environmental change affect our ecosystems, and our research results are routinely used by government agencies and citizens to help design conservation strategies to sustain the land and water resources that make Montana such a wonderful place to live." - FLBS Professor, Dr. Jack Stanford

Bio Station researchers regularly give presentations about our work. If you are interested in a presentation to your professional, service or community group, we are happy to discuss options. Please contact Tom Bansak by email or call (406) 982-3301 x229.

Learn more about our science:

Our research helps make the Flathead (and other watersheds) a cleaner, more enjoyable place. To find out more about our research and efforts to convey that research to the public:

  • Attend our Annual Open House, conducted every year in late July/early August
  • Sign up for our semi-annual newsletter - the Flathead Lake Journal
  • Plan your next non-profit or education-affiliated group conference at FLBS
  • Test your group's water samples through our Freshwater Research Laboratory contract services
  • Coordinate student field trips to FLBS to learn more about the science of water quality and limnology
  • Contact us to arrange for a lake or ecology-based presentation to your non-profit or educational group

How you can help us Make a Difference

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A portion of the following efforts are donated to FLBS. Supporting these causes will help to promote Flathead Lake research, monitoring efforts, and the reach of our message.



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