MMW Deadline Approaching

MMW Deadline Approaching

FLBS Monitoring Montana Waters Program Invites Applications from Citizen-Led Water Quality Monitoring Groups

The University of Montana Flathead Lake Biological Station’s Monitoring Montana Waters program is seeking applications from citizen-led water quality monitoring groups located throughout Montana that are interested in receiving scientific, financial, and technical support for the 2023 monitoring season.

Monitoring Montana Waters (MMW) provides support to citizen-led watershed monitoring groups to help ensure that groups are using scientifically sound methodologies in all aspects of their monitoring efforts. Small grants are available to help support the cost of sample analyses in the FLBS Freshwater Research Laboratory. MMW also provides guidance and support to citizen-led groups to help plan monitoring efforts, through hands-on field sampling training, in water quality data analysis, and other areas as needed.

MMW primarily focuses on rivers and streams in Montana, but lake monitoring groups are included as well. The overarching goal of the program is to help better understand and protect the world-renowned waters of Montana by increasing the capacity for data collection and increased understanding of the status of water quality of Montana’s surface waters through monitoring efforts.

Citizen-led water quality monitoring groups that are interested in engaging the MMW program are strongly encouraged to contact MMW representatives as soon as possible. Support opportunities are open to groups located throughout the state of Montana.

All funding applications are due by March 1 for groups interested in requesting MMW Laboratory Analyses Funding and MMW Gear Funding. To apply groups must complete a funding application form and turn in a draft Sample and Analysis Plan (SAP), as well as Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). MMW can assist new groups with writing SAPs and SOPs, please reach out with any questions.  

All groups that apply will be notified of their funding application status by April 1.

For more information about the application process or to contact MMW directly, visit the MMW website at