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FLBS Met Station and Webcam

All FLBS weather data is collected on a 15 minute schedule, and unless otherwise noted, values occur in the 15 minutes preceding the weather station's time stamp.

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Station Metadata
StationDate EstElevationLogger Type
East Shore Sep 2011 4007 ft Campbell CR1000

East Shoreon Apr 30 at 6:45 AM
Daily PrecipNone 
Air Temp37.1 °F 
Max Air Temp37.6 °F at 6:35 AMPrior 15 minute period
Min Air Temp37.1 °F at 6:45 AMPrior 15 minute period
Rel. Humidity90.4% 
Bar. Pressure32.0 " 
Wind Speed1.5 mph WSW 
Avg Wind Speed1.4 mph SSE 
Max Wind Speed2.7 mph at 6:44 AMPrior 15 minute period
Soil Moisture0.301 ratio 
Soil Temp47.1 °F 
0.0 " 


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