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Who We Are

Research, Education, and Outreach at the annual FLBS Open House

The Flathead Lake Biological Station (FLBS) is a Center of Excellence and administrative unit within the University of Montana system. We are an ecological research and education center located on Flathead Lake in the Rocky Mountains near Glacier National Park. For over 100 years, we have conducted college courses, graduate programs, and research focused on the Crown of the Continent ecosystem.

Students and researchers from around the world continue to come to FLBS to learn about ecology and limnology from experts in the field. We conduct year-round novel research to help people live in a healthy, sustainable environment and help policy-makers make informed decisions.

Our activities help Flathead Lake remain the jewel of Northwest Montana now and for future generations.

What We Do : Our Mission


→ We conduct and publish novel research in ecology, emphasizing limnology. (freshwater ecology)


→ We train graduate students for professional and teaching careers in ecology and limnology. (year-round)

→ We provide immersive field-based ecology courses for undergraduates, teachers, and natural resource professionals. (8 weeks during summer)


→ We provide ecological information to the public to help resolve environmental issues and inform public policy.

Our History

Visit our History page to learn more about our early years in the Flathead valley and milestones in our development.


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