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Flathead Lake
Choosing the Flathead Lake 'Keep it Blue' license plate contributes to water quality monitoring of the lake - Details

Flathead Lake Biological Station is a world-class ecological research facility and our field courses continue to equal the best in the world. However, our monitoring programs are dependent on University and State funding and the politics inherent in those processes. Private funding allows us to continue to provide consistent, unparalleled service levels regardless of the local political winds.

We are constantly seeking to enhance the research and educational capabilities at the Station to further focus the application of lessons we learn from our research toward solving global environmental problems. In doing so, we contribute decisively to the well being of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

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    Add your name to the Flathead Lake Journal mailing list. For a small annual donation, we will mail you the latest issue of the Journal to keep you abreast of Station news, research, and events. Small donations can help in a big way - we encourage donations of $10, $20, or $100.

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    We accept cash donations as well as larger contributions such as planned endowments, trusts, or planned gifts. You may direct your donation to an area you feel strongly about, in addition to gaining a significant tax benefit. If giving a large donation is a consideration for you, please contact us to discuss how to proceed.

    We also accept donations of property, securities, and real-estate. We are a not-for-profit organization, and within IRS regulations, donations are tax-deductible.

    • Spread the Word!

    Many people around the U.S. have never heard of FLBS. We're at the forefront of ecological research, and we're implementing our knowledge in an international scope. If people haven't heard about us yet, they will soon. But it never hurts to direct word of mouth traffic to our website!

    An annual donation of $100 or more will earn you a subscription to the Flathead Lake Journal as well as help to ensure that Flathead Lake remains a source of pride for all Montanans.

    For more information on donating to FLBS, please visit the FLBS public donations page.