Technology at FLBS

Whether you are visiting FLBS for a group meeting, a workshop, or a month-long summer course, you will find technologies that go beyond those available at many field stations.

  • 100Mb Internet Bandwidth - Wired internet access is available in the three primary FLBS buildings - Elrod Hall, the Freshwater Research Lab, and the Lakeside building.
  • Wireless Network - Secure wireless internet and network access is available thoughout most of the FLBS campus work spaces and residences.
  • Gigabit Ethernet - The FLBS core buildings are equipped with gigabit desktop ethernet allowing network communication speeds up to 1000Mb/s.
  • Educational Network Access - All FLBS conference/seminar attendees, summer students, and researchers have access to high-speed wireless internet and network connections.
  • A Private Collaboration Website - Researchers and Scientists around the world stay in constant communication with FLBS through our private collaborative website. Our website allows user communication through file transfer capabilities, daily user field logs, field site web logs (blogs), and real-time data updates.