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FLBS Weather Station
YB Hill Weather Cam (control)

FLBS has been collecting weather data since 1938. In 2009, FLBS was awarded a NSF EPSCoR grant that added telemetered above-water environmental sensors and subsurface buoy-based profilers to the existing weather data collection.

FLBS environmental data is updated every 15 minutes.  Subsurface conditions are updated every 3 hours.  


Exclamation Point The FLBS Sensor Network is entirely supported by grants and donations. Please consider a small donation to keep it free and available.
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Note: The FLBS buoys off Woods Bay Point and Yellow Bay point are down for maintenance. They may be redeployed dependent on funding. If you have any questions, contact us.
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*A blank row indicates that data has not been collected for the current day.
A blank field indicates that variable is not available for the site.



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Air Temp °C
Air Temp °F
Relative Humidity
Air Pressure
Realtime Wind Speed
Weekly Precipitation

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Multi-Day Variables

--LMP Units Description--
Temp (°C) = temperature in degrees Centigrade
O2 (mg L-1) = dissolved oxygen in milligrams per liter
O2 (% sat) = percent saturation of dissolved oxygen
Chl (rel. fluor.) = chlorophyll as relative fluorescence units
CDOM (µg L-1) = colored dissolved organic matter in micrograms per liter
Turbidity (β(117°, 700 nm) m-1 sr-1) = volume scattering coefficients, β(θ,y)
with units of m-1 sr-1, where θ is angle and y is wavelength.
Cond (µmhos cm-1) = specific conductance in micromhos per centimeter
PAR (µE m-2 s-1) = photosynthetically active radiation in microeinsteins per square meter per second

Lake Surface Level, Conditions, and Forecasts

2889.44 feet

The Flathead Lake water level value is provided by the USGS Water Data site, whose gauging station is located on Salish Point near Polson, MT. Data is read in RDB format here.

Kerr Dam, at the lake outlet in Polson, regulates outflow to maintain Flathead Lake's level between 2,883 and 2,893 feet above sea level. If runoff conditions in the mountains don't warrant flood threats, the lake's level is brought to 2,890 feet by the end of May and to full pool by June 15.


Lake Temperature

40.5°F at 7:15 PM on 12/17/2014

The Flathead Lake surface water temperature reading is measured at the end of Yellow Bay Point. As one of the measurements in the Flathead Lake environmental data suite, temperature is reported every 15 minutes.

Note that surface water temperature sensor readings are only available when the lake is at or near full pool (roughly May - September).