Graduate Opportunities at FLBS

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If you are looking for Summer Courses at FLBS, visit the FLBS Summer Academic Program page.


Applying to the Graduate Program at FLBS

Wolf Tracks on the Kitlope River, B.C., Canada

Members of the FLBS faculty supervise graduate students in the Organismal Biology and Ecology (OBE), Systems Ecology, and Wildlife Biological graduate programs of the Division of Biological Sciences at the University of Montana. We typically accept several new students annually.

Prospective students should contact FLBS faculty members directly to obtain guidance on opportunities and process.

Visit the FLBS research pages and individual faculty webpages for information about ongoing projects, research interests, and experience of potential FLBS mentors.

For more information on the application process, visit the DBS Graduate Programs page.

For more information on the expectations and experience of being a graduate student at FLBS.

Current Openings

RAs are generally available annually for new students to work with one or more of the FLBS faculty. For more information, please contact FLBS and indicate your area of interest.


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