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In the early 1900s, FLBS founder Dr. Morton Elrod established Montana’s first weather station in his backyard in Missoula. FLBS has been collecting weather data ever since, with daily manual readings at our Yellow Bay location for the National Weather Service going back to 1938.

In 2011, FLBS enhanced weather data collection and accessibility through the deployment of LakeNET, a telemetered network of environmental weather and water quality sensors. Weather sensors are mounted on land and buoy-based towers while water quality profilers are mounted below the buoys and travel from the bottom to near the surface of the lake multiple times each day.

Data from LakeNET’s environmental sensors has greatly increased understanding of Flathead Lake’s biological and physical processes and is currently being used in concert with our long-term physical and chemical measurements to drive a nutrient-food web model for Flathead Lake.

The National Weather Service routinely uses our data in their predictive models for Flathead Lake wind and wave conditions and their issuance of small craft advisories.

FLBS weather data is updated every 15 minutes. Water conditions are updated every 3 hours.

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Flathead Lake
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Max Wind+Mean Wind+Precip *
FLBS Hill12:45 a71.0 °F30.0 %30.0" Hg1.4 mph ESE3.8 mph 2.3 mph
West Shore1:15 a72.3 °F30.2 %30.1" Hg2.0 mph WSW2.3 mph 2.0 mph None
YB Point1:00 a67.5 °F71.1 °F 3.3 mph NE
East Shore1:00 a63.2 °F41.6 %30.1" Hg0.1 mph E1.9 mph 0.7 mph None
Narrows1:00 a73.6 °F73.0 °F 30.0" Hg5.1 mph S6.9 mph 5.4 mph
Somers7/18 11:00 p75.1 °F72.1 °F 29.9" Hg2.0 mph SW8.7 mph 3.3 mph
North Shore12:45 a70.5 °F66.7 °F 30.0" Hg2.9 mph ESE4.6 mph 3.0 mph
Midlake Deep1:15 a71.6 °F67.2 %32.7" Hg79.2 mph SE79.2 mph 79.1 mph
Midlake North1/18 2:15 p29.0 °F97.8 %28.6" Hg0.5 mph ENE0.5 mph 0.2 mph
* Precipitation since midnight; + Last 15 min.



Lake Profiler Subsurface Data Graphs


Lake Surface Temperature

71.1°F at 1:00 AM on 7/19/2018

The Flathead Lake surface water temperature reading is measured at the end of Yellow Bay Point. As one of the measurements in the Flathead Lake environmental data suite, temperature is reported every 15 minutes.

Note that surface water temperature sensor readings are only available when the lake is at or near full pool (roughly May - September).

Lake Surface Level, Conditions, and Forecasts

Today's lake level is: 2892.80 feet

The Flathead Lake water level value is provided by the US Geological Survey, whose gauging station is located on Salish Point near Polson, MT. Data is read in RDB format.

Kerr Dam, at the lake outlet in Polson, regulates outflow to maintain Flathead Lake's level between 2,883 and 2,893 feet above sea level. If runoff conditions in the mountains don't warrant flood threats, the lake's level is brought to 2,890 feet by the end of May and to full pool by June 15.

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The National Weather Service uses FLBS LakeNET data in its Lake Surface Conditions Forecast and predictive issuances of small craft advisories.

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