Virtual Bio Station Research Cruise

Virtual Bio Station Research Cruise

The 2020 Bio Station Research Cruise is going virtual!

Join us via Zoom this Tuesday, July 14 at 3:30pm for a live and interactive online experience! Hop aboard the Jessie B. with FLBS Director Jim Elser as he gives you a real-time glimpse of our Flathead Lake Monitoring Program. From taking measurements on the boat to analyzing samples in the Freshwater Research Lab, you’ll get a first-hand look at how our world-renowned researchers keep watch over Flathead Lake.

Highlights for the Virtual Research Cruise will include:

• Demonstrations of water sampling and lake measurements with FLBS Director Jim Elser and field crew
• A discussion of water chemistry and sample analysis with FLBS Chemistry Lab Manager Adam Baumann
• Zooplankton and Mysis sampling aboard the Jessie B., including microscopic views of live plankton!
• A presentation of the Flathead Lake Food Web by FLBS Associate Director Tom Bansak

There’s even the possibility of a post-Virtual Research Cruise Mixer, where you can join smaller break-out groups and engage directly with FLBS researchers and scientists!

To join us for this event, simply use your computer or mobile phone to visit the Virtual Bio Station Research Cruise Zoom site at:

While microphones will be disabled during the presentation portion of the event, you can post your questions and comments throughout the event using the chat feature. Microphones will be enabled during the Virtual Research Cruise Mixer so you can speak with FLBS scientists directly.

The Virtual Research Cruise is an exciting and innovative way for us to stay connected with our Bio Station Community in these unprecedented times. Whether you're able to stop by for some or all of the event, we hope to see you there!