Education at FLBS

Education at FLBS remains consistent with the vision of our founder, Dr. Morton Elrod: to share our knowledge through field experience with students and the public. We do so in a variety of ways.


Summer Courses

FLBS opened for students in 1899. We offer 1-week, 2-week and 4-week immersive field courses for advanced undergraduate/graduate students and working professionals. 

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Graduate Studies

FLBS faculty offer post-graduate teaching and research opportunities.

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K-12 Education Assistance

FLBS offers lesson plans and education support for local teachers seeking to implement teaching units on aquatic ecology in the Flathead valley.

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FLBS offers periodic public presentations on Flathead Lake and threats to the quality of water in the Crown of the Continent watershed. 

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FLBS provides summer internships in a variety of research, education, and technical areas. 

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