Joanna Blaszczak

Joanna Blaszczak

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Joanna Blaszczak

Phone: (406) 872-4505

I am a watershed biogeochemist and ecosystem ecologist broadly interested in how carbon, nutrients, and contaminants move through landscapes, undergo biogeochemical transformations, and their impact on downstream aquatic ecosystem communities and processes.

My research as a postdoctoral research associate is primarily focused on modeling hydrologic controls on freshwater metabolism funded through the NSF StreamPulse project. I am also monitoring and modeling the transport and transformation of carbon within streams and rivers around the Flathead Valley, including those found in the Coram Experimental Forest and the Nyack Floodplain of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River.



PhD, Duke University, 2018

BS, Cornell University, 2011


For more information about my current and previous research interests, please visit my personal website at and for links to my publications, please visit my Google Scholar page.