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Nima Madani

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Nima Madani is PhD candidate of Forestry under the supervision of Dr. John Kimball through FLBS and Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG) at The University of Montana. His research interests include ecosystem modeling, land use land cover change analysis and habitat modeling. Prior to joining UM, he completed his Master's at University of Tehran-Iran in Environmental Planning and Management and his undergraduate in Natural Resources Engineering.



  • Ph.D. candidate of Forestry, 2011-Undergoing. FLBS & NTSG, College of Forestry and Conservation, The University of Montana, USA. Major supervisor: Prof. John Kimball
  • Ph.D. candidate of applied remote sensing, 2009-Undergoing. Faculty of Forestry, University Putra Malaysia. Major supervisor: Prof. Kamaruzaman Jusoff. GPA: 3.938/4
  • M.S. of Environmental Planning and Management, 2006-2008. Faculty of Environment, University of Tehran, Iran, Major Supervisor: Dr. Ahmadreza Yavari, GPA: 16.65/20
  • B.S. of Natural Resource Engineering, Environment, 1998-2001. Allameh Mohaddes Noori University, Iran. Major Supervisor: Dr. Bahram Kiabi. GPA: 16.18/20.


Papers and Presentations:

  • Madani, N., Mahiny, A., Kiabi, B., Kumar, L., Nazeri, N. 2011. Application of Ecological niche modeling for conservation of rare species: case of Persian Wild Ass (Under review).
  • Madani, N., Mahiny, A., Kumar, L., Nazeri, N. Predictive habitat modeling of four mammal species in search of Niche interactions and characteristics (In progress).
  • Nazeri, M., Jusoff, K., Rani, B., Madani, N. 2010. Modeling the potential distribution of wildlife species in the Tropics. World Journal of Zoology. 5,225-231.
  • Nazeri, M., Jusoff, K., Rani, B., Yusoff, E, Sharma, R., Rodzi, A., Madani, N. 2011. Predictive Modeling and Mapping Malayan Sun Bear (Helarctos Malayanus) Distribution Using Maximum Entropy (Under review).
  • Nazeri, M., Jusoff, K., Rani, B., Yusoff, E, Sharma, R., Rodzi, A., Madani, N. 2011. Predicting current and future climate niche of Malayan sun bear (Helarcots Malayanus) in Peninsular Malaysia (Under review).
Scientific Research and Seminars
  • Nazeri, M., Jusoff, k., Madani, N. 2010. Habitat models as a research gap in biodiversity conservation in tropical rain forest of Southeast Asia. International congress on environmental modeling and software modeling for environmental sake. Fifth biennial meeting, Ontario, Canada.
  • Madani, N., Nazeri, M. 2008. An overview on habitat evaluation techniques. The first conference of Environmental management and engineering. University of Tehran.
  • Nazeri, M., Madani, N. 2007. Environmental impact assessment of constructed dam on Chogakhor wetland. Wetland and sustainability seminar in Malaysia (oral presentation).
  • Torabian, A., Madani, N., Nazeri, M. 2007. Chlorinated water by –product risk assessment: cancer risk of chloroform in Tehran drinking water, Proceedings from the Third International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, Houston, Texas, USA.
  • Madani, N., Nazeri, M. 2007. Degradation of wildlife and habitats as a result of misunderstanding of the concept of sustainable development. First conference of the environment day. University of Tehran.
  • Madani, N., Tohidi, T. 2007. Human activities affecting function and values of Band Ali Khan wetland. Wetland and sustainability seminar in Malaysia 2007 (Oral presentation).


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