Matt Trentman

Matt Trentman

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Matt Trentman

Phone: (406) 872-4542

About Me

I am an ecosystem ecologist and naturalist specializing in the biogeochemistry of flowing waters. My research often focuses on the linkages between terrestrial and aquatic environments and the role humans have on this relationship. I often direct my research towards partitioning biotic and abiotic effects on biogeochemical processes. I have a passion for freshwater ecosystems and intend to direct my research to better understand them in light of a myriad of human disturbances.

My research at FLBS will focus on improving our understanding of carbon cycling in rivers with Bob Hall. We will use high frequency sensors to link O2 and CO2 production and consumption associated with metabolic activity. We also use the natural abundance of stable isotopes to estimate metabolic activity. This research is being conducted at multiple spatial scale, including at patch scales with the use of sealed chambers, and at the reach scale using diel measurements.

Prior to starting at FLBS, I gained a PhD at the University of Notre Dame, where I conducted research investigating the role of land use, land cover, and floodplains on P cycling and ecosystem function in primarily agricultural watersheds. See my CV for more details on my education and research experiences.

You can also learn more about me from Twitter and Google Scholar sites.

Select Publications

M.T. Trentman, J.L. Tank, S.E. Jones, S.K. McMillian, T.V. Royer. 2020. Seasonal evaluation of biotic and abiotic factors suggests phosphorus retention in constructed floodplains in three agricultural streams. Science of the Total Environment. 729, 138744.

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M.T. Trentman. 2018. The impact of long-term regional air mass patterns on nutrient precipitation chemistry and nutrient deposition within a United States grassland ecosystem. Journal of Atmospheric Chemistry 75:399.

M.T. Trentman, W.K. Dodds, J.S. Fencl, K. Gerber, J. Giarneri, S. Hitchman, Z. Peterson, and J. Rüegg. 2015. Quantifying ambient nitrogen uptake and functional relationships of uptake versus concentration in streams: a comparison of stable isotope, pulse, and plateau approaches. Biogeochemistry 125 (1): 65-79.