Get a B.S. in Biology with a Field Ecology Option at FLBS

A "Field Ecology" curriculum is now an option for the Bachelor's Degree in Biology at The University of Montana (UM).  Approved by the Division of Biological Sciences and the Board of Regents, this option allows students to take advantage of at least one summer of courses at the Biological Station, while allowing additional summers of coursework to apply to degree requirements as well.

The required coursework includes four courses total: Landscape Ecology, Conservation Ecology and either the Aquatic or Terrestrial Emphasis Ecology courses:

Field Ecology Option at FLBS

Students may complete the Ecology course and lab requirements on the UM campus or take Field Ecology at the Biological Station. Additional degree requirements for the Field Ecology Option, including other major courses and required supporting courses, are fulfilled on campus.

Students who plan their academic years and summer programs carefully and who enroll for two or three summer sessions at the Biological Station may be able to complete degree requirements in only three years.

For more information on the Field Ecology option, please visit the DBS Field Ecology page.